Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On Broadway: Barnaby Castle Update

This past weekend, the WBNA (West Broadway Neighborhood Association) hosted a house tour, and we had the opportunity to see the interiors of a number of homes of interest, including Barnaby Castle.  Several people who read my previous post on the Barnaby Castle, and its interesting history, inquired about the house, and about what's happening with the renovation, so here's an update.

The house is currently undergoing renovation. The first floor rooms will be finished as an elegant event rental space for events up to 100 people.

The second floor will contain two apartments. The third floor will contain one apartment, which will eventually be occupied by the building's owner, though I believe it will be rented on the market in the short term.

The second floor is in pretty good shape--kitchen plumbing/wiring and bathrooms have been installed. We did not see the third floor.

The first floor still needs a lot of work--a lot of prep has been done (e.g. fitting drywall into the damaged plaster spots) but there is still a lot of work to do.

Below are some first floor photos.

It's great to see this beautiful old gem undergoing renovation!!